Batch 4 Ginger Beer

Sadly this one didn’t go so well:

Batch 4 Ginger Beer 1 Imperial Gallon:
200g Dextrose
300g Demerara Sugar
500g Ginger (steeped for 1hr @ 80*C)
500g Strawberries (Crushed and Pasteurized)
3 Kiwis (Crushed and Pasteurized)
Munton’s Ale Yeast
OG 1.060 sg
FG  1.040 sg
ABV: 2.7%

For this batch I decided to use brown sugar after seeing it recommended on several forums, though I’m quickly realising this was a mistake; it didn’t give a particularly nice taste. Additionally as I had no lactose this time around the drink was quite dry and required additonal sugar to taste. Ale yeast was used this time as I managed to find a cheap stock online, not to mention it fits the drink much more than wine yeast.
Whist I think the strawberries worked it was very evident that the kiwi did not. I think for my next batch I’m going to be a little less adventurous and try more citrus tastes, but first I’ve either got to, give up and drink my current stock, or drain it. I wouldn’t like to drain it as it’s very wasteful, but god is it awful.

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