Playing with YouTube

So I’ve decided I’m going do some videos on YouTube, these will be mostly gaming related, perhaps a few brewing videos occasionally (but unlisted and for the blog only). I’ve recently upgraded my machine so I’m actually able to play recent games again, which I can assure you is bloody refreshing.  Lately I’ve been playing a lot of the new Hitman game, and Dungeon Defenders. I’m hoping to pick up the new Sim City game when it comes out too.

As for brewing, I am hoping if time and money allows to do another batch of my IPA soon (late January), although I have done a few small kits here and there but nothing really worth making a blog post about, perhaps I’ll do a batch of ginger beer in a week or so. I guess starting work really took a lot of my time away but I’ll definitely pick it back up in the new year!



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