Batch 4 Ginger Beer

Sadly this one didn’t go so well:

Batch 4 Ginger Beer 1 Imperial Gallon:
200g Dextrose
300g Demerara Sugar
500g Ginger (steeped for 1hr @ 80*C)
500g Strawberries (Crushed and Pasteurized)
3 Kiwis (Crushed and Pasteurized)
Munton’s Ale Yeast
OG 1.060 sg
FG  1.040 sg
ABV: 2.7%

For this batch I decided to use brown sugar after seeing it recommended on several forums, though I’m quickly realising this was a mistake; it didn’t give a particularly nice taste. Additionally as I had no lactose this time around the drink was quite dry and required additonal sugar to taste. Ale yeast was used this time as I managed to find a cheap stock online, not to mention it fits the drink much more than wine yeast.
Whist I think the strawberries worked it was very evident that the kiwi did not. I think for my next batch I’m going to be a little less adventurous and try more citrus tastes, but first I’ve either got to, give up and drink my current stock, or drain it. I wouldn’t like to drain it as it’s very wasteful, but god is it awful.

Batch 3 Ginger Beer

For my third batch of ginger beer I decided to change the recipe quite a bit; I added limes and mint leafs to see how well they would play with the drink. Additionally, I decided to use Muntons Enhancer (A mix of pale malt and dextrose) rather than sugar to give it more body, and I upped the amount of ginger for more of a kick.

I also changed my method a little bit (granting a much better yield, and ensuring sanitation).  Rather than simply leaving the grated ginger in the demijohn, I decided to boil the ginger in water (just under 1 gallon) with the enhancer and lactose for 1 hour; after that, I added the lime and lemon juice and boiled for a further 10 mins. I then strained the wort (after cooling it in a ice bath) and added to the the demijohn and topped it up (with water) to 1 gallon.  Finally, I added the yeast and the nutrient.

Batch 3 Ginger Beer (1 Imperial Gallon):
300g Muntons Enhancer
500g Lactose (Milk Sugar)
300g Ginger
15g Mint Leafs
1 Lemon Zest
1 Lime Zest
Juice of 2 lemons
Juice of 4 limes
1/2 tsp Yeast Nutrient
Wine Yeast
OG: 1.060
FG: 1.040
ABV: 2.7%

So how did it go? Well, the limes added a noticeable taste which was rather nice; however, the mint leafs didn’t seem to affect the taste much. I used a wine yeast as it was all Wilko’s had in stock, though I think I’ll use an ale yeast next time as it will suit the taste more. The increased amount of ginger gave a more fiery taste, though I am tempted to go even more crazy with batch 4 and try 500g, as I love fiery ginger beer. I’m also considering experimenting with some more fruit for batch 4, possibilities are: Oranges, Strawberries,  Kiwis and/or Pineapples; if you have any suggestions, feel free to throw them at me. I do want to try and get rid of the Lactose as it’s not very effective, so I’m looking at alternatives. (Such as Saccharin.)