Galaxy/Apollo IPA

I recently decided to jump ahead with my brewing; after seeking advice and reading around I formulated my own recipe for an American IPA which uses an Australian hop, known as “Galaxy“, it known for being versatile as it is good to use at any part of the boil (See bellow).  With its fruity citrus flavours and peach aroma, I grew really fond of this hop when trying a beer from Brew Dog that featured them exclusively.  (IPA is Dead:Galaxy)   Additionally “Apollo” an American hop was suggested to me on a forum to use as a bittering hop, however when opening the packet I bought, the smell soon had me adding some for aroma too.

Hops are used for 3 things in brewing: bittering, flavouring, and scent. During a long boil period (Around 1 Hour),  they are added at different times to do different things. If the hops are added at the end of the boil, they add to the aroma of the beer. When added 15 mins before the end the aroma’s tend to be evaporated out, however in their stead flavours are released from the hop. If added at the start of the boil, both flavours and the aromas are boiled out, however the hops leave bitter tastes which are used to contrast and balance the sweet tastes produced by the malted barley.

American IPAs are a recent take on a old style which has changed much since it’s conception, IPA or India Pale Ale has origins in the 14 century however they draw much of their history from imperial Britain (18/19th century), they were developed to be exported to India, they were originally lightly hopped, the hops being a natural preservative enabled the beer to be able to last the long journey. As time passed IPA’s styles were brewed with more and more hops.  Today British IPA’s tend to use solely UK hops, and tend to be around 4%ABV, the american variety tend to be much stronger in ABV and more heavily hopped.

Currently my first batch is fermenting and will be ready for bottling in a few days. I plan to carbonate it with half a teaspoon of sugar per a bottle and condition for 2-4 weeks, maybe more depending on the result.  Here’s my recipe:

Galaxy/Apollo IPA, 15L Batch

3.00kg  Light Malt Liquid Extract
0.50kg  Biscuit Malt
0.25kg  Dextrin Malt

14g Apollo at 60 mins
14g Galaxy at 15 mins
14g Apollo at 01 mins
14g Galaxy at 01 mins

Yeast :
White Labs East Coast Ale (WLP008)

OG: 1.060, FG: 1.020,  ABV: 5.3% , EBC: 19°(est), IBU: 55.8(est)

Notes: Steep grains in cold water, bring water up to 70°C and steep for a further 25mins, boil 30 mins before adding hops.

Really enjoyed this, the taste was wonderful, the galaxy hops gave the taste I was hoping for. If I do this one again, I think I’ll up the flavouring hops, and the amount of light malt for a stronger ABV. I might also develop it into a Double IPA recipe.